Metal Stitching Work :

A cracked casting You can rely on our team to get you back on line fast. Sayed Hamid Behbehani & Sons Co. (SHBC) now has in-house facilities and competence to carry out metal stitching using the latest technology products by a well trained and experienced team.


Cast iron is the most difficult of all cast metals to weld. All electric welding methods for cast iron have proven to be less than satisfactory and in many cases cause even more cracks.


The main part of the process that replaces the crack itself is the stitching pins reinforced with locks. Special proprietary stitching pins are used with patented hook threads.  As the pins are torqued, a radial drawing force is created pulling the two sides of the joint together. The sealing mechanism of this pin is complex with many metal-to-metal contact surfaces.


Locks are used to add additional strength to repair. These locks are made of high strength 4130 steel.


We can carry out crack repairs on cracked automotive cylinder heads to damaged valves, air compressors etc.


We carry out the following services:


-         On site / in-house inspection and assessment of cracks.


-         Inspection carried out by dye penetrant examination / magnetic particle to assess the damage.


-         On site repairs can be carried out without dismantling.


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